10 Reasons for Having the Beard

Once again, not in any particular order. My rebuttals are italicized and underneath his.

1. To make Leonato look older as a father should be
Not all fathers or older men have beards. And putting some flour in his hair would make Tom look old. 2. Benedick refers to Leonato's "white beard"
That's easily edited out. And maybe it's just a term, not necessarily meaning that he has a white beard. 3. It adds to the realism of the play that YOU are in.
I think the play would be plenty realistic without the beard. Plus, it's scary! It would drive away people who might have otherwise come to watch it! I mean, the teacher even said Tom didn't have to grow a beard. 4. It keeps my face warm
Warm from the body heat of the bugs caught in it! Plus his face is probably warm from all the blushing caused by the comments about his beard, such as "You look like a dirty Mexican child molester". 5. It's just for the play
I still say he's growing it out of laziness. 6. A beard is a sign of wisdom and honesty (AKA I don't hack into people's web pages)
Ha ha ha ha!! So is he trying to say that our IS teacher, who has a beard and called one of Tom's suggestions "dumb", wise in thinking that? Besides, Tom said he wanted to try to hack into MY web page. The only reason he hasn't is because he can't figure out the password. 7. It's "cute"
Heck, even Angela can't say it's cute. She just called it "interesting" because she couldn't say anything nice about it. Besides, how can something that freaky looking possibly be "cute"? 8. I look like Tom Cruise (not the grubby one with long hair)
I don't think so. Tom Cruise is a lot cuter. (Except when he's got the grubby long hair. Maybe I should make 10 Reasons Why He Should Cut His Hair. . . Jessica could work with me on that one. . .) 9. It's more natural than pseudo modernist ideas that men are not supposed to have hair there
Well, men can have hair there. . . if they want to look like freaks. . . or dirty Mexican child molesters. . . Besides, very few people can look cute/handsome with facial hair. . . and Tom's not one of those people. 10. It confuses people
This reason sure confuses the heck out of me! What was he talking about???

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