Ah My Goddess Review

Rating: ****
Favorite Character(s): Urd (seiyuu: Touma Yumi) & Megumi Morisato (seiyuu: Fuchizaki Yuriko)
Favorite Moment: When Skuld accidentally hits the power button for the computer instead of the monitor

Overall, it's a nice, romantic anime. A little short, but sweet nonetheless. Great animation and some really likable characters (especially Urd!). Keiichi & Belldandy make an adorable couple! I like the manga a lot more, though, probably since it has better character development due to its much greater length, and Belldandy isn't quite as passive in the manga.

Never would have pegged Urd as a cowgirl. Megumi putting on her rollerblades. Wonder if she plays hockey.

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