Iria Review

Rating: *****
Favorite Character(s): Iria (seiyuu: Aya Hisakawa) & Fujikuro (seiyuu: Chiba Shigeru)
Favorite Moment: When the flowers Fujikuro brings for Iria's birthday get beheaded.

I love this anime. The characters are so nicely rounded and portrayed. I like all of them so much, it was difficult picking my faves. The plotline is also really good and kept me interested. There were also some great action sequences. Last, but not least, it's got great humor and some fantastic lines. Fujikuro has some really good one-liners, which probably explains how he got to be one of my fave characters, hee hee. And, of course, there's all the fun I had with my roommate going "Ir-i-a". At only 6 episodes, it's short and sweet. Definitely worth it to buy on DVD because they put all 6 on one disc.

'What the hell is this?' 'You got a problem?'

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