Phantom Quest Corporation Review

Rating: ****
Favorite Character(s): Kozo Karino (seiyuu: Koichi Yamadera) & Ayaka Kisaragi(seiyuu: Rica Matsumoto)
Favorite Moments:

Fluffy but highly entertaining. I love how they gave Ayaka such a vibrant personality and how unflappable and laid-back Karino is. I found the episodes to be amusing, especially the first one with the vampire running the tea shop. That guy is great, hee hee. The idea of a business investigating supernatural events really appealed to me, too. I'm a big fan of stuff like that (yes, I'm an X-Files watcher). I only wish it had been longer than 4 eps. I would have liked to see more of the Ayaka and Karino interaction as well as a story arc that could tie the eps together and give the story more depth.

Ayaka's drunk again. I bet she's singing. Poor Karino has to hear it. ;o)

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