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As I said before, I prefer stories with romance in them, specifically the couple listed. Now, they don't have to be entirely romance. It can be an adventure story, etc., as long as there is an element of romance in the background. Also, I will not put up any "Plot? What Plot?" stories. If you don't know what a P?WP? story is, it's a story in which the entire thing is about sex. That's it. There's absolutely no other plot at all. I don't want those. At least have some character development or some sort of purpose in there! If there's more to the story than simply sex (Such as a plot! ;o) Character development, etc. You know.), I will put it up. :o)

Now, if your story doesn't have any romance or isn't about the couple I prefer, still feel free to submit it. If I really like it, I'll still post it! :o) There are other couples I like in a show, and a story doesn't need romance to be good.

That said, my guidelines are simple. Just e-mail me the story (warn me if it's a lemon so I can label it accordingly), what name you want listed if not your real name, and a little short descriptive blurb I can put by the title if you can. Also, if you could do the paragraph and italic tags, etc. needed for your story, that would help me put it up a lot faster, but if not, that's okay. Last, but not least, please spell check your stories. It lets the reader focus on your story more instead of being distracted by spelling errors. I think that's about it. :o)

If you want to submit fanart, images, or winamp skins just e-mail me at the same hotmail address. All I ask is that you give me a little descriptive title of the image so I don't have to do something like Gourry1, Gourry2, etc. :o) With winamp skins (and maybe all the other things too), tell me what anime it's from. I should be able to tell, hee hee, but if it's an anime I'm not too familiar with, I might not know it.

Thanks for your submission! :o)

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