1/18/02--Getting ready to move to my new site. Was having major problems with 50megs.com which is why I haven't been able to update. They reduced free accounts to 12 mb and I was over the limit, which explains why you saw my directories instead of my page since they deleted my index file and some other things. Will be moving to http://www.jenfic.com although it's not ready yet. I will tell you when it's done. :o)

10/19/01--Anime I'm Watching: Added Fruits Basket, Momoiro Sisters, Read or Die, Shaman King, Yami no Matsuei.

9/17/01--Anime I've Finished: Added Iria and Phantom Quest Corporation reviews.

9/11/01--Slayers Page: Added Dare Cheung's Slayers Triumph 5. Anime I've Finished: Kite. Also have started a rating and comments thing for anime I've finished and anime I'm watching (thanks to my roomie for the idea). Only a few so far because I'm doing this during breaks from working on two papers and prepping for two finals for the end of summer school, hee hee. :o)

8/27/01--Anime I've Finished: Jubei-Chan, Iria, Ayashi no Ceres, Phantom Quest Corporation. Anime I'm Watching: Angelic Layer, Revolutionary Girl Utena.

8/20/01--Slayers Page: Added Shell Presto's One Third Human 5.

8/7/01--Create 2 new pages of lists out of boredom: Anime I've Finished and Anime I'm Watching. :o)

7/16/01--Team Rocket Page: Added Flowiris' In the Heat of the Moment. Sorry I haven't updated for a while. My computer was dead and in the process of being upgraded/fixed, but now it's all better! :o)

6/29/01--Image Gallery: Added Slayers Amelia & Zel, Lina & Naga, Other Pairs, Filia, Xellos, and Sylphiel galleries. I'm almost done! All I have left now are Lina & Gourry images. Saved the best for last! (Plus there were so many, I decided to tackle the other ones first, hee hee.)

6/28/01--Slayers Page: Added Rocky's Wildest Dreams in lemon and non-lemon form. Image Gallery: Well, as you know, Netcolony had been giving me trouble, so I've moved my pictures to Topcities. Added Slayers Group 2 and Group 3. More Slayers as well as other animes will be soon to come. :o) Pocket Bish and Winamp Skins: Apparently my links for those weren't working anymore, but I have corrected the problem. :o)

6/21/01--Pocket Bishoujo: Created and completed. I now have all the pocket bishoujo (that they had that I liked, sadly still missing some fave characters).

6/20/01--Pocket Bishonen: Created and completed. I have all of the pocket bishonen I captured from animes I watch so far. Soon to come will be my Pocket Bishoujo. :o)

6/19/01--All right peeps, I'm on the hunt for new stories with couples from other anime series I like. So hopefully my dream of a little expansion will come true soon, that is if I can find stories, hee hee. In the meantime, please please send me your Slayers, Team Rocket and/or Blue Seed fics! I can't keep spending time doing all of the hunting and gathering myself! :o) As for updates, I did a little reorganizing again, but you probably already saw that, hee hee. I just split the anime part into two sections, fan fic and other anime stuff, and alphabetized it. I also put the couples I'm looking for. :o)

6/18/01--Slayers Page: Added Shell Presto's One Third Human 4.

6/10/01--Yes! School is finally almost out! I'm sorry I haven't been updating lately. I've been so busy with schoolwork and club stuff, etc. But now that summer is here, I will try my best to update this page more regularly and add lots of new stuff. :o) Wish me luck on the one final I have left! Hee hee.

3/29/01--Image Gallery: Because of the hassle Netcolony has been giving me about logging onto the Netcolony portion of my site, the image gallery, I'm moving all my images to 50megs. So now you can see the new image galleries I had made that I hadn't been able to upload! Woohoo! ;o) Pocket Bish: I've added the pocket bishonen I've caught, all characters I like in animes I've seen. More may be added since I'm only partway through a lot of anime, and there's a lot out there I haven't seen. :o) I also have a pocket bishoujo section for the sake of equality since there's a bunch of really spiffy female characters too. My roommate says people might take it the wrong way, hee hee, but hey, shouldn't all great anime characters be celebrated? (And added to my pocket collection!) ;o)

3/28/01--I updated my counter since MyComputer.com isn't offering free counters anymore. I am now using Net Digits and my link page has also been updated to reflect that. :o) I'm nearing 3000 hits now! Exciting exciting! Thanks for coming everyone! :o) Slayers Page: Added Aisha C aka SHADDIT's The Dreamlighter Introduction.

3/18/01--Links Page: Updated my friend's Absterland link and added links to the UCD Circle K, UCD BioSci Club, Adventures in Science, and Sciente Teaching Internship webpages. :o)

3/16/01--My Fiction: Added the rest of my writing assignments.

3/15/01--As you've probably noticed, I've taken out the TV fanfic section. I haven't been doing any work on it, and I've decided I probably won't be any time soon. Best to focus on the anime section. That's what y'all come here for anyway, right? Hee hee. :o) Created a section for my own creative writing with poems and fiction. None of it's anime related, but if you want to read it, that'd be nice. I'd appreciate any comments too. English with a creative writing emphasis is one of my two majors, and I could use all the help I can get. :o)

3/7/01--Slayers Page: Added Aisha C aka SHADDIT's The Double Slayers 1 and Shell Presto's One Third Human 3. See! I've been good and updating! :o)

3/6/01--Winamp Skins: Fixed the links and made the .wsz files .zip files so you can get them. Tell me if it doesn't work. :o)

2/27/01--Sorry about the lack of updates. I'm in the middle of second round of midterms hell. :oŢ But hopefully I'll be able to update more sometime this weekend or next week. :o) I did, however, fix the broken links for Jay's The Vacation 13-15 and _Jessie_'s The Power of Lies (a.k.a. Jessie's Revenge) 3 & 4 that were brought to my attention. :o)

2/19/01--Ta da! I know it's been a looong time (life's been hectic), but at last, an update! And happy President's Day everyone! And I sure hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day. :o) Honestly, I would have had some more updates earlier (image gallery and Winamp skins), but I've been having a little bit of trouble with my Netcolony (aargh!) and my other 50megs account (they were changing servers), which is where I house those things. But hopefully those should be up soon as well! *crossing fingers* Now on to what I really have updated! Team Rocket Page: Added Jay's The Vacation 16 (the last part!). Slayers Page: Added Aisha C aka SHADDIT's The Double Slayers 0 and Shell Presto's One Third Human Prologue-2.

1/13/01--Slayers Page: Added Rocky's Continuation and Simple Green Frog.

1/8/01--Winamp Skins Page: It has been brought to my attention that 50megs isn't letting people download the .wsz files, so I'll be changing them to .zip ones over time so that you can finally get them! :o) Sorry about that, hee hee.

1/6/01--Slayers Page: Added Aisha C aka SHADDIT's The Dreamlighter 7.

1/5/01--Started classes today, bleh. :oŢ But it actually didn't go too badly, hee hee. So in celebration, I'm updating my page! ;o) Slayers Page: Added Rocky's Roe and Aisha C aka SHADDIT's The Dreamlighter 6 and Slayers Beyond 10, 11, and Epilogue.

1/3/01--Happy belated New Year everyone! :o) Slayers Page: Added AnimeCat's The Way Home 2. Team Rocket Page: Flowiris' Surrender Now or Prepare to Fight 1-5.

12/18/00--I'm free at last!!!! Mwa ha ha!!!! No more school, no more books, no more prof's dirty looks! At least not till next year, woohoo! Can you tell how happy I am? Hee hee. ;o) Sooo, while I'm on Christmas break, I shall do my best to update my page lots and lots. So please people, send more fanfic! :o) And I've got some ideas for expansion on my page, plus I'm going to try to finish up the Slayers image gallery. Team Rocket Page: Added Jay's The Vacation 13-15 and _Jessie_'s The Power of Lies (a.k.a. Jessie's Revenge) 3 & 4.

11/6/00--At long last, another update! Midterms are finally over (for now, at least)! :o) Team Rocket Page: Added _Jessie_'s The Power of Lies (a.k.a. Jessie's Revenge) 1 & 2 and Jay's The Vacation 12. Slayers Page: Added Aisha C aka SHADDIT's The Dreamlighter 5. Webrings Page: The Anime Fan Fiction Ring has relocated, so I've added their new HTML fragment.

10/23/00--I checked on the Anime Web Turnpike, and I'm officially on it now! Woohoo! Look for me under the fan fiction section. :o) Anyways, on to my updates, hee hee. Slayers Page: Added Rocky's Fish, Two Fish, The Movies!, and Coitus.

10/16/00--I'm back! The page has gotten over 1,000 hits now! I'm sooooo happy! Woohoo! Hee hee. My friend Tom has decided to grow his beard again. :oŢ *shudder* So I may add a new list of why Tom should shave his beard since there isn't a play anymore. I've put up a picture of him with his beard as well as him without, so you can see the horror that is his beard. ;o) Anyways, on to new stuff! :o) Webrings Page: Added The Great Pokémon FanFiction Ring. Also forgot to mention earlier that I'm a member of the Slayers Romance webring. :o) Links Page: Added Nancy's Anime Insanity. Slayers Page: Added Aisha C aka SHADDIT's Slayers Beyond 7-9. Team Rocket Page: Added Jay's The Vacation 11.

10/7/00--Slayers Page: Added Catriana's A Promise to be Kept.

9/30/00--Team Rocket Page: Added Jay's The Vacation 10. Slayers Page: Added Aisha C aka SHADDIT's The Dreamlighter 4-6.

9/29/00--Started school, but I will try to keep the updates coming! :o) Webrings: Was added to the Slayers Romance ring! :o) Misc Section: Added my Top 10 Reasons Tom Should Shave His Beard as well as Tom's Rebuttal due to popular demand. I had it earlier, but I had taken it off, but now it's back! His beard is long gone though, fortunately. :o) Links Page: Added Tom's Nest, a.k.a. Official Website for Distressed (his play).

9/26/00--Team Rocket Page: Added Jay's The End of Team Rocket 1-11 and The Vacation 1-9. Slayers Page: Added Aisha C aka SHADDIT's The Dreamlighter 4 and Slayers Beyond 1-3. Links Page: Added Jessica's The Shrine.

9/20/00--Image Gallery: Added Slayers Lina, Naga, Zelgadis, and Group pics.

9/19/00--Been getting settled into my apartment and stuff, which explains the lack of updates, hee hee. :o) Team Rocket Page: Added Anna Sartin's The Rocket Series 1-4 and _Jessie_'s That's How We Flunked the PokéTech 1 & 2. Image Gallery: Created it and added Slayers Amelia & Gourry pics.

9/12/00--Slayers Page: Added Aisha C aka SHADDIT's The Dreamlighter 3. Added Anna Sartin's Light and Dark Eternal Beginning & Conclusion and The Dark Side of Innocence 1 & 2.

9/8/00--Team Rocket Page: Added _Jessie_'s Time to Get Along, The Way I Feel 1-5, and A One Way Ticket 1-6.

9/6/00--Team Rocket Page: Added Jessie "Double Trouble" Rocket's Team Rocket's Success and True Feelings 1-5. Webrings Page: Well, since Yahoo and Webrings merged, I updated my webrings page with that new nav-bar thingy. It's kinda cool, but all the cute pictures are gone. :oŢ Only one line of source code though, which is neat, hee hee. Submission Guidelines: Teensy update to it about spell-checking. Fix-its: Fixed the Molly's Credits Me Tarzan, You Molly link.

9/5/00--Slayers Page: Added Aisha C aka SHADDIT's The Dreamlighter 2. Molly's Page: Added X-Files, another one of the round robin stories, and the Molly Moo-Milk, Ace Investigative Reporter story.

9/4/00--Happy Labor Day! Slayers Page: Added Aisha C aka SHADDIT's The Dreamlighter 1. Team Rocket Page: Added Gemini Stargazer's Looks Like We're Blasting Off Again. . . and JackalAndromeda's The Pikachu Gambit, Escape, and Amnesia. Links Page: Added JackalAndromeda's Team Rocket World Wide. Molly's Page: Added Crime and Punish-Cow, Jurassic Park and Super Star Molly, round robin stories with Molly.

9/3/00--Slayers Page: Added Renfield's Valkyrie and Untitled, and Shoujo Senshi's Interludes and Journey. Winamp Skins Page: Added 1 Final Fantasy, 1 Fushigi Yuugi, and 1 Vagrant Story skin.

9/2/00--Links Page: Added Shoujo Senshi's Totally Kawaii.

9/1/00--Slayers Page: Added Ai-Chan's New Beginnings Prologue & 7.

8/25/00--Slayers Page: Added Jewelz' When She Left. . .. Winamp Skins Page: Added 2 Misc, 1 Hameln, 1 OMG, 1 Escaflowne, 1 Kenshin, 1 Shamanic, 1 Sakura, 1 Nadesico, 1 Molly, 1 Final Fantasy, 1 Sailor Moon, and 2 Bebop skins. 8/24/00--Winamp Skins Page: Added 5 Lain, 2 SMJ, 1 Gundam, 2 Tenchi, 1 Oh My Goddess, 1 Lodoss, and 2 Utena skins.

8/23/00--Slayers Page: Added Dare Cheung's Slayers Triumph 1-5b.

8/22/00--Team Rocket Page: Added DangerMouse's The Lifting Darkness 3-8, A New Dawn 1-4, One Night in a Coffee Bar. . ., Flight of the Rockets, The Pokémon Blues, Little Red Riding Rocket, A Pokémon Fairy Tale, and St. Patrick's Day 1-3. Links Page: Mostly alphabetized it. Added Angel & Vormulac's Sailor Moon Art Gallery. Webrings: Added Lina Inverse's RPG Webring.

8/21/00--Team Rocket Page: Added Angrychair's The Hunters and the Hunted 1-6 and The Circle and the Cross 1-7, Minerva's The Ballad of Team Rocket, and DangerMouse's A Day in the Life of Team Rocket Days 1-9 and The Lifting Darkness 1-2. Slayers Page: Added Minerva's Dumb Blond, And a Merry Xmas to You Too. . ., Longing for Death, and The Dance and Dira's Insecurity and Unpretty.

8/18/00--Team Rocket Page: Added Angrychair's A Second Chance, Weight, In My Father's House, Powderfinger, The Sunny Day, and Shining Darkness 1-8. Links Page: Added Priestess Minerva's The Temple of Anime, Gloria Hsieh's page, Phantom's Homepage, and DangerMouse's The Great Immortal's Fanfiction Paradise!

8/16/00--Team Rocket Page: Added Angrychair's Patience and Up in Smoke. Winamp Skins Page: Added some skins. Links Page: Added Lina Inverse's La Caverne Aux Tresors de Lina, Kokujin's Layers [SKINS], Xiara's PrettyFreak.net, Ayame's Koneko's Toybox, Saka Ogawa's I Breath Your Love: A Saber Marionette Shrine, and Meaghan Quinn's World Domination Anime.

8/15/00--Slayers Page: Added Abra's Faces, L, Sun and Shadow, and Lina's Family Reunion Parts 1-3 and WaruiChan's Baby Love. Links Page: Added Winamp.com, Neo Skinz and WC's page, Strawberry Kiss Kiss. . . Created a Webrings page for my webrings and added The Anime Fan Fiction Ring. Winamp Skins Page: Added lots of skins. Updated Submission Guidelines to include guidelines for winamp skins.

8/14/00--Links Page: Added Darkness Rising and Angrychair's page, The Great Pokemon Breeding Center Scam!. Added Slayers WebRing, Deathra's Slayers Ring, The Sorceress and the Swordsman Web Ring, and the Slayers Anime Web Ring. Added a Winamp Skins page.

8/12/00--Molly has a brand new album! Moollenium!

8/3/00--I'm back!!! I've been busy busy busy, staffing at NTLP and what not, but I have returned with updates! Hee hee. :o) Molly Moo-Milk's page: Added Freshman 15 and Neck Breaking lyrics. Slayers Page: Added Ignorance, Head Over Feet, and A Child's Smile. Links Page: Added NTLP and Integrated Studies.

7/22/00--Molly Moo-Milk's Page: Added the song titles to some of her albums and some lyrics.

7/21/00--Molly Moo-Milk's page: Added a list of some of her CDs and lyrics as well as past credits.

7/20/00--Molly's Pics page has been incorporated into Molly Moo-Milk's page.

7/17/00--Slayers Fanart Page: Added Ai-Chan's Chibi Lina & Gourry, Freshman, Gourry 4ever, Gourry Dream, and Gourry Giving Lina a Flower.

7/15/00--Slayers Page: Added Ai-Chan's Love and Trust Chapters 4-6. Also added a Fanart Page! Slayers fanart page has Ai-Chan's Lina in Wonderland, Amelia no Ai, Amelia Victory, Angry Lina, and Birdy w/ Lina & Gourry on it right now. I also added fanart submission guidelines to my submission guidelines page. :o)

7/14/00--Slayers Page: Added Ai-Chan's Love and Trust Chapter 3.

7/13/00--Slayers Page: Added Neko-Chan's Slayers Destiny and Ai-Chan's Love and Trust Prologue-Chapter 2.

7/12/00--Slayers Page: Added Neko-Chan's At the Beginning, Slayers Forever, Slayers Reborn, Slayers Life, and Ai-Chan's To Love You Forever, Beloved, Music Box, and Slayers Life Side Story/Teaser.

7/11/00--Woohoo! This page's very first X-Files fanfic, Chut's Paranoia, is up! :o) Also tinkered with my submission guidelines a teensy bit. Slayers Page: Added Neko-Chan's Game, Monster, Secret, Distance, I Hate You, My Fear, Strong, Eyes, I Swear, My Wrongs, That Day, He Loves Me, I Obey, Lina/Gourry, Sylphiel, Tonight, Why, Zel/Amelia, and Slide, as well as Ai-Chan's My Past Self. . . and Freshman.

7/10/00--It's been a busy week, but I've finally gotten around to working on my webpage again! I added some Slayers stories: Pairaka's Circle's Edge series and Moondance and Neko-Chan's Act, 'Cause I Said So, Journey, Love Hate Anger Fear, Protector, Ano. . ., Blue Eyes, Mask, Remember Me This Way, and Bump in the Night. I also posted a teaser for AnimeCat's next story, The Way Home, on the Slayers page. Also added a link to The Priestesses' Den of Slayers Silliness as well as to Lina and Gourry/Zel and Amelia Forever.

7/2/00--Yippee! Added 3 Slayers stories: AnimeCat's Slayers Bedtime and Daisies and Rachel's Set Me Free. Jokes & Fwds Page: Added Jokes Page 9, The Xmas Files, Math Jokes, Are You Normal, Maybe Your Life Isn't That Bad, If 99.9% is Good Enough Then. . ., Touch-Tone Phone Songs, It was Grandfather's B-Day, and Horror Movie Advice.

7/1/00--Yay! Lil Tigre's Left in the Dark has the honor of being the very first story posted here in the Blue Seed section. :o) Also added Lil Tigre's page, Tora-Chan Productions, Ltd. to my Links Page.

6/28/00--Submitted the site to search engines and stuff. :o)

6/27/00--Jokes & Fwds Page: Added Joke Pages 6 & 7, Rendezvous, 12 Rules Kids Won't Learn in School, A Hug Today, Draw a Pig, 100 Reasons Why It's Great to Be a Girl, You Might Be a Child of the 80s if. . ., Remember When. . ., Wear Sunscreen Commencement Speech, and Irrelevant Facts.

6/26/00--Jokes & Fwds Page: Added Joke Pages 2-5, Xmas Jokes, V-Day jokes, Spider & Fly Fable, Obstacle in Our Path, Smile!, and Natural Highs.

6/25/00--Started my page. Put up submission guidelines and some links. Jokes & Fwds Page: Added Joke Page 1, Things to Do When Bored, and Swearing Substitutes.

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