My page has now finished moving to this new site: Please move your bookmarks to this location. It is being run off someone else's computer, so if it happens to be down, the computer or IP is down, but this is going to be my permanent location (at least for the next 2 years).

Hi! This is my webpage of fanfics! Hee hee. :o)

I've basically put up Anime fan fiction. I was originally planning on posting some TV Show ones, but I've decided to refine my focus. Just doing anime is enough work for me, with college taking up the rest of my time. :o) No, the animes are not arranged in order of preference, hee hee. :o) Since I am a student, my updates will probably be in bursts at a time. Help me out and please submit stories! And submit fanart and Winamp skins! I'll also be taking wallpaper. I might set up a wallpaper gallery in the future. I have tons and tons (my roommate will attest to that), but I don't know who made them, so I've decided not to put them up without permission. :o) If you want to submit anything, here are my requests: Submission Guidelines Last, but not least, the date in parentheses next to each category is the last time I added to the page.

Updates I have made can be seen here: Updates. They're erratic since I'm a student, though. I'm thinking about adding show and character info and other fun tidbits for animes I like, but, again, that'll happen when I have time. Still working on the non-fanfic pages. :o)

Oh yeah, and as a warning, I'm a huge romantic, so I'm shooting mostly for stories about the couple listed, although I'll probably make a few exceptions.

I also have a section for my own creative work, but it's not anime related. At least, none is yet, but I might in the future. :o)

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My Own Writing


You can e-mail me at If a link isn't working, be sure to tell me, and I'll fix it ASAP!

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